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We have formed a unique partnership with a team of specialist design engineers who will take time to understand your project.

Our designers are also experienced commissioning engineers, whose approach will ensure high levels of accuracy using the latest industry software.

Initial specification right through to commissioning

We will take a project from initial specification right through the design stages and then final commissioning. We understand that adjustments often need to be made during a project but an ongoing dialogue between us will ensure that your project runs as smoothly as possible.

We have worked on design projects in the UK and throughout the world including mainland China, Singapore, South Korea and Brazil.

Our engineers can design, review, verify and comment in great detail on layouts where primary and secondary equipment needs to be installed. Using the latest CAD tools, we can supply layouts that are detailed, contain precise dimensions and include all of the necessary installation details with manufacturer catalogue information and design guides.

Overall site layouts

We design overall site layouts which provide crucial information with regards to the primary equipment dimensions, CDM plans and site elevations.

Earthing design and layouts

The grounding network of any station is only as good as the ground grid that was installed, prior to the installation of the primary equipment and construction of the buildings. We can provide grounding grids for “above and below” grounding of primary and secondary equipment with installation details and calculations, proving the integrity of the grid design.

As Built Drawings

Once your project is completed we can also modify drawings for As Built designs. Please see our scanning services.


Contact us to find out how we can help.